Diva Does The Makeup Show NYC 2010- Day 2

April 19th, 2011

Beauty professionals converge in NYC at the Makeup Show hosted by the Powder Group to learn about what’s new in the industry. Here we get education, meet the people behind the brands and network!!!

Duration : 0:10:51

[youtube cOvjXDuM6AE]

9 Responses to “Diva Does The Makeup Show NYC 2010- Day 2”

  1. kevseb66 says:

    Lazareth is soooo … Lazareth is soooo sexy.

  2. kevseb66 says:

    Lazareth is such a … Lazareth is such a dark sexy beat.

  3. Welcome2DivasWorld says:

    @MakeupbyKimPorter … @MakeupbyKimPorter I was there both days.

  4. majoshlin says:

    You’re a star in … You’re a star in your own right…great people person.

  5. MakeupbyKimPorter says:

    I went Day 1 so I … I went Day 1 so I missed you….

  6. NappyMACDiva3 says:

    Great coverage Great coverage

  7. pheonixphire says:

    i love this video. … i love this video. great info!

  8. Welcome2DivasWorld says:

    @wilderjmc xoxoxo … @wilderjmc xoxoxo Thanks! ;-)

  9. wilderjmc says:

    Again, great … Again, great coverage!

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