Hair Care : How to Treat Dry Hair

October 2nd, 2010

When treating dry hair, use hair products that have a pH level of seven or below. Treat dry hair with tips from a beauty professional in this free video on hair care.

Expert: Sylvia Russell
Bio: Sylvia Russell is a motivated professional with 18 years of experience in the beauty industry. She has worked as a beauty professional for television segments, photo shoots and magazines.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

Duration : 0:1:54

[youtube eunSKhLCwnA]

25 Responses to “Hair Care : How to Treat Dry Hair”

  1. darbug01 says:

    HAHAHA. so many … HAHAHA. so many screw ups in this video.

  2. darbug01 says:

    @chihuahua50 xD @chihuahua50 xD

  3. shaannkyyxx says:

    omgod some … omgod some shampoo’s say to put shampoo twice ……

  4. zxcv1234able says:

    i thought mineral … i thought mineral oil dries out ur hair?

  5. xmade2last says:

    look in you’re … look in you’re kitchen sink? LOL

  6. datajneqt says:

    “its a professional … “its a professional term for us professionals” What?!? lol

  7. TheWhitePorcelain says:

    a little bit of oil … a little bit of oil and a hot towel won’t solve the problem ms professional term for professionals

  8. tweetybirddee says:

    @ebgbjo who you … @ebgbjo who you telling. I’m trying to keep my hair healthy but um the shampoo I use is clearly telling me no

  9. tweetybirddee says:

    @mssnickjonas13 … @mssnickjonas13 yeah almost any natural oil should do. Some say that coconut oil is the best because it absorbs into the hair faster. You could also use grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, caster oil things like that.

  10. ilcs15f says:

    a professional term … a professional term for professionals..didnt see that one coming..

  11. mssnickjonas13 says:

    can i use coconut … can i use coconut oil? :S

  12. CherryColaKiss says:

    “It’s a … “It’s a professional word for us professionals”

  13. ebgbjo says:

    What shampoos have … What shampoos have a ph level of 7 or less? Having a very hard time finding out ph levels of shampoo and my hair is EXTREMELY dry

  14. Anavi0 says:

    LOL…if you really … LOL…if you really want to know what alkalinity is, it is the measure of protons that a molecules has. the amount of protons tells you the acidity of a product. Acidity is measured in units of pH any thing below a 7 pH is considered an acid, any thing above 7 pH is considered a base. Alkalinity is hard to find out for products just by looking at the bottle. for that, one must do research. A high pH is just as bad as a low pH. 6.2 to 8.2 pH is a good range.

  15. CrazyGirrl31 says:

    very well presented … very well presented…she is well spoken and educated…excellent video…wish it were longer

  16. MinervaAshford says:

    fail, she didn’t, … fail, she didn’t, it was crap

  17. penaltrini says:

    u she jus … u she jus said wot alcalinity is did u not here her??…fool

  18. fizzylemon7 says:

    very helpful. thank … very helpful. thank you so much.

  19. jokester891 says:

    bah it didn’t work … bah it didn’t work i got thick hair

  20. Purplekitty95 says:

    haha i like how … haha i like how they have the words at the bottom so you can just skip the annoying talking and just read the words.

  21. SILVERTINKER4578 says:


  22. cheat123 says:

    lol she said shit lol she said shit

  23. Danica028 says:

    @elgransr Products … @elgransr Products in Shampoo strips the hair from the natural oils, so shampooing the hair would be quite silly. Your hair wouldn’t need to be washed by shampoo 3 times in one shower? The maximin you would ever do is 2 and then lots of conditioner.

  24. MinervaAshford says:

    i bet she has no … i bet she has no idea what alcalinity is

  25. mrkidd1 says:


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